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What’s Content Marketing? How writers rule this internet thing.

What’s content marketing? If the marketers and hype-meisters have confused us as to this point, I’ve tried to clarify it with this article.  What is Content Marketing? Some of you know I have a technology product that slices and dices the insane volume of content in the hope of creating a viable plan to [...]

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Group Content Creation Strategy

Having a group content creation strategy makes a lot of sense for businesses and brands that need quick blog posts. Here’s the deal: you have zero time. You set up your social channels. You don’t have any structured way to deliver content. And your intern isn’t quite up to the challenge of creating compelling content. [...]

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Genre Grenade: 10 Minutes to Fantasy Writing

This week’s Genre Grenade blows up Fantasy Writing in a 10 minute burst so you can bring goblins, heroes and trolls to your web content. Fill the goblet of the CMS with fantastic workplace web writing, either by creating it, or by hiring a true fantasy writer. Conjure up the dark lords and grab your invisible [...]

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Dead Hunter S. Thompson Interview

We’ll get to my interview where I imagine a conversation with a still-dead Hunter S. Thompson in a bit. But first a little back story. I re-read ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ on an iPad travelling to Vegas–with every bit of gut twisting, gasp-inducing and have-to-hyphenate-it praise as the first time I read it [...]

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5 Gonzo Traits Content Marketers should learn from Hunter Thompson

A great way to create amazing content marketing writing is by dialing up the Gonzo Style of Hunter Thompson. Afterall, the internet is the spawn of what the New Journalists instigated. Rejecting the studied, expert, informed approach to a story, the Gonzo Journalist Thompson and New Journalists like Tom Wolfe swarmed a topic with personal asides, [...]

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Writing for Fame and Fortune: Upcoming Interviews!

The first wave of Writing for Fame and Fortune interviews has been completed. The tapes await transcription and my take on what their insights bring to writers and readers. It’s been a fantastic start to the project. Elizabeth Crane brings her rule-breaking, modernista prose to the dark edge of comic and current. She’s true to [...]

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Cindy Sherman 101 for Writers

Cindy Sherman characters show writers the juicy bits about dark side, intrigue and adventure. Not to mention social commentary. I should have a photo for this. But go with me for a moment. There’s a writing exercise where you go to the museum, pick a painting or photograph and then tell the story you imagine. You [...]

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How to Be A Writer vs. How to be a Dancer

The Claw

Shameless Plug: Upcoming interviews with awesome writers. Stay updated by following on Twitter @ContentCarnivor  Thanks! Crazy thing about writing is the amount of ink spilled over how to be a writer, how to write, how to publish, and so on. I’ll sum it up: You want to be a writer? Don’t. Seriously, that’s what every [...]

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