Apple, Facebook and Ovens

Facebook’s business model is the virus. They quickly and deeply bonded with the human need to gossip–which spreads like a virus. Then they cleverly added the ability for anyone to log in to other sites with their Facebook user name and password. This allows them to gather all the information on that user, with their permission, and share it on Facebook, collect it and so on. Again, like a virus that spreads. Which brings me to my prediction: Facebook wants to own the internet, and they want to get it for free by giving it away one site at a time. The sites are free, but the log in gives the data.

Is this bad? I’m making a biological analogy here, and in my opinion, biology doesn’t judge. It classifies.

Another thought on natural selection: touchscreens.

As internet devices are like television and other appliances were to grandpa, they’ll evolve to the point where we’ll just use them and not think about it. Apple is doing the heavy lifting there, making it easy to touch the machine as opposed to cumbersome typing. They push the elegant interfaces to become even more intuitive.

I’m thinking that there was probably a lot of confusion over the first ovens. Moving from fire-based cooking to something that was temperature-controlled probably took some time to get used to. But was it a virus?

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