Another Jeff Walker

Jeff Walker, principal, at St. Charles High School, probably didn’t want this story to be his claim to internet rankings. He received a note that was found in a kid’s locker detailing the mayhem he planned to unleash. He learned how to write. He made up a story right out of a first-person shooter video game. And Jeff Walker was his reader.

Teen arrested after threatening note found at St. Charles High.

Disturbing events that occur with increasing frequency in a mixed up time for hormonally charged kids who haven’t defined their moral code yet. There’s a reason they love vampires so much. They are vampires–or at least metaphorically. Teenagers are in a state of transformation. Their bodies are literally changing. Just like the vampires they adore. I’ll stop before making the biting and bleeding allusions that could be made. Basically, there are a lot of confused kids out there and as Jeff Walker, the Principal, no doubt knows better than anyone: they don’t know what to do with it.

They never have. One of my top 10 movies, ‘Heathers’, has a young Christian Slater playing a true sociopath who conspires to blow up the school during a pep rally. His love interest, Winona Ryder, and he also kill off their more popular jock and mean-girl classmates. It’s a comedy. And while you never know what inspires people, I doubt that ‘Heathers’ gave anyone the idea to blow up their school, or motivated them to do it.

So what motivates the St. Charles High kid? What did he read, watch or hear about that connected with his own story and made him plan a destructive event?

Disclosure: As you know, part of being famous is getting Googled. I have an alert set for my name. And every day another Jeff Walker pops up on the listing. Invariably, one of the posts linked to from this email efficiency is the infamous Jerry Jeff Walker. He’s the guy with these names that is truly famous and that’s that. The rest of us JW’s have to settle for burial in the depths of the SERPs. But every Jeff Walker has his day.

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