Writing for Fame and Fortune: Upcoming Interviews!

The first wave of Writing for Fame and Fortune interviews has been completed. The tapes await transcription and my take on what their insights bring to writers and readers. It’s been a fantastic start to the project.

Elizabeth Crane brings her rule-breaking, modernista prose to the dark edge of comic and current. She’s true to the high art, and teaches advanced fiction at top writing programs.

Susie Norris was a big time network TV executive who developed some of the stories that shaped kids television. Her story is about writing a cookbook, “Chocolate Bliss” and how that launched a new career.

Scott Phillips has a steady stream of cool, crazy and confounding credits in movies, television, comic books and now eBooks. He has stories.

Nathan Long took a screenwriting dream and turned it into a fantasy novel writing stint that’s filled a very long shelf at the book store.

Tim Rich brings a British letters perspective to the project, having written several books on writing as well as creating a writer’s think tank in London, beautifully titled, ’26’.

Alright, enough talking. Time to get the recorded conversations down into some solid blog posts. I hope you’ll subscribe to this feed or follow @ContentCarnivor on Twitter to see when these and the next wave of interviews is posted.

Thanks for reading.

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