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Big Budget TV Commercials in the Internet Age

Many people find the world of advertising to be fascinating. It is. And one of the most interesting aspects of that world is the big budget spot. Truth is, there aren’t many big budget TV Commercials being produced these days. Blame the economy. Blame the internet. Blame the ad agency system that clung to their commissions on these spots and believed it would never end. Agencies are still making plenty of great commercials. I’m lucky enough to be working on a 50+ holiday campaign for a major retailer, animated by an Academy Award nominated film company, and working with some of the best production talent in the business. And what is it like? Cabinet making.

I know, it’s not as glamorous as all that. But I have to admit that it feels antiquated. All of the parts, the animation, the messages, the recording, the music, the edits–all laid out and assembled to hold a solid marketing mission. Then, carefully, painstakingly, every nuance is polished until it is as close to perfect as possible.

More details and examples of the campaign when the season is over. (NDA’s prohibit revealing any details.) Check back to learn about what it’s like to make a big budget TV campaign these days. And how it all ties into the larger content program for a global retailer.