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Postaday2011 Writing for Fame and Fortune

Since one purpose of this blog is to come up with enough raw material for a book, a Challenge like this might just be logs on the fire. Can I write a post a day? Sure. I make a lot of noise about how important it is to get in the writer’s seat every day and see what comes out. So I’m buckling up and joining this group whose sole purpose is to write something every day.

Why does the Who’s rock opera Tommy come to mind  as I write this? Is blogging a trend like the Pinball craze that deaf, dumb and blind kid started? I think this internet thing is probably going to last a while. But at some point this content explosion is going to generate more words every day than used to be crafted in a century of monk-sweat and india ink.

Let’s see where this goes.

Here’s the link if you want to learn about the WP Challenge. The Daily Post at | Post something every day.