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Google Privacy. Pick a Parody.

The Google privacy issue centers around their combining the data bases of all products (gmail, maps, search, etc.) into one big user profile so they can serve more targeted ads based on user behavior and interests.

There are lots of ways to feel violated by Google knowing everything about you. Here are a couple of simple to shoot scenarios.

Street View
For years, Google has sent a small fleet of cars armed with digital cameras over every inch of the U.S. The footage provides the street view images for Google Maps. Now, with the new privacy laws, one Street View Prius has gone rogue and is stalking certain internet users. Controlled by an unseen operator from a laptop, this sinister, un-manned car identifies its mark, creeps in for the kill. And then delivers an ad! And then runs the guy over.

Great Googly Moogly

A bumbling old man with no tech skills gets a computer. He mistakenly reveals his entire identity, all his secrets and web cam footage from his most private moments to the world wide web. He hits every possible Google trigger for porn, violence, hate crimes, political protests and other forbidden clicks. He becomes Public Enemy Number One at Google Headquarters. He is revealed to be Mark Zuckerberg in costume, messing with Google.