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Making of a Web Video: Super Bowl project

Instead of screaming down the upper mountain at Beaver Creek today, I’m scrambling to put together a great web video series for an internet company. In the interest of my NDA, I can’t disclose who it’s for. I can say that it’s to support this companies Super Bowl efforts. Also under NDA is the content of the series–until it breaks in January. However, the process is what we’re interested in here. And it might inform anyone who sets out to do something Fast, Cheap, and Great.

First of all, the rule says you can only have two. Initially, the project started with the client wanting to use their in-house resources to shoot and edit. While this might be acceptable for some projects, it wouldn’t fly here. It’s a comedy thing, and we need comedy people. It’s one thing to want to do something funny and in the moment, like The Office, or Best in Show. It’s another to actually pull it off.

Insight: Know the difficulty factor and make it clear what is needed for success.

This client had a set budget, but fell in love with the video presentation enough to find some money. This allowed us to bring in Indie Film producer Leigh Jones, as well as comedy director Mike Wang. Both are friends of mine, willing to work over the holiday season. Both are total pros who aren’t afraid of a modest budget, and able to move mountains to get things done. Fortunately, the client was on board.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll go thru the production process to demonstrate what goes into making a low budget comedy series work.