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St. Vincent at Metro. Soundtrack for Zodiac Comedy?

One great thing about having projects out there is seeing how the dots might connect. (Sometimes, OK, most times, that’s the only joy you get as you start feeling like Willy Loman in a Fool’s costume with a plumed pen and an over-eager jig for anyone who’ll pay attention.)

For the romantic comedy, 12 Signs, this has been a good week. First of all, our strategy of taking it online first has pretty much been vetted. No brainer there, but good to have studio execs relay that:

In the past you brought us ideas. Now, we find you.

It sounds a lot like a ‘don’t call us, we’ll call you’ blow off. But it’s not. Movies get made from ideas that people want to see. Mike and I happen to believe 12 Signs is something people will want to see. We also believe it will play well online. To that end, we’ve decided to raise some money and get it launched as an online series. Screw the agents and the studio system! They’d only want to take it and put it in development hell.

That means we’re looking or a wickedly funny, edgy but likable, if not lovable, lead for the series. Casting agents and youtube links welcome.

Now, on the dots connecting front, we’ve found investor #1 in Los Angeles, and hope to start things off modestly. The big win for speeding development is getting a brand connection. My first choice,, or others in the online dating world would be huge. And out of the blue, my friend Piete calls from Santa Monica and says he just did a brand strategy pitch for one of these. (I can’t reveal trade secrets here). Crazy Piete, one of the best copywriters out there, has kind of fallen off. So why did he deal up at this time? A follow-up dot came at the St. Vincent Show at Metro in Chicago last night. I’m talking about 12 Signs with my pal, and mention the dating site connection. Turns out he knows executives at both places.

And one more thing. I think we have a soundtrack artist to start making friends with. Read the Chicago Tribune review. It was a good show.

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