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Dr. Seuss would be all over this. 3D Printing.

Seuss would be all over this. The ability to create fantastic forms in three dimensions thru 3D Printing has never been more practical. 3D Printing is emerging as a prototype tool. It allows highly accurate images to be layered upon a durable material such as plastic to create an actual part. Check out this link to learn about this emerging technology. 3D printing: The printed world | The Economist. Basically, you can print working parts. You can print onto existing 3D models. You can create fantastical Seussian instruments that really work.

Blow your horn!
Cool 3D Printing Application

I guess the first wave of adaptation was prototyping. Then the medical tech industry experimented with creating working parts in three dimensions from layered plastic.

Now what, you may ask, has this to do with Writing for Fame and Fortune? How about a self-published 3D Pop-up Book! That’s something Dr. Seuss would be all over.

This would be the first use of this technology to be executed in a story. People would look at the letters popping off the page and look at it like that moving picture newspaper in Harry Potter. They’d turn it sideways and upside down to see if there was some trick to it. And they’d no doubt show everyone they met in the next few days.


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Easy way to imagine 3D Printing Use plastic cup til worn. Shred. Feed into 3D Printer. Toast the new world. http://ow.ly/a7z5X

Catalyst: 3D Printing – ABC TV Science: http://bit.ly/o8WUca. This is a compelling video that demonstrates practical uses for this.