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Zodiac Signs are the basis for a story that has had an long journey to production.

12 Signs Looks at Popcorn.js New Interactivity for Web Video

Looks like there’s a new toolkit that would marry interactive features and web video in new ways. Not exactly the ‘watch a video, see something you like and click on it’ that we’ve all been talking about for years–but getting closer. It’s called popcorn.js and it’s a toolkit that allows a new convergence of participative video viewing. As popcorn.js coder Rick Waldron said in a Wired story:

If JavaScript is to the web what ActionScript is to Flash, I want Popcorn.js to be the new Flash ActionScript.

It’s definitely worth exploring for the interactive web series 12 Signs. Just the information related with a simple, non-linear device that let’s viewers in on a character’s nuances. In this story, their zodiac sign could be interjected without ruining the flow of the story. It could be revealed at the exact moment where it makes sense to know that detail. It can be clicked to travel into a parallel story related to that topic and that character. I’m even seeing it as a great way to cast this film. At the moment, we’re looking at women like Jena Friedman, funny, self-mocking, might have a few naturally awkward moments we can relate to. But what if the interactive web video allowed users to watch a Jena Friedman video and help connect to dots to reach her in a non-creepy way? Or recommend other people like her that need to be discovered? Could be a grassroots casting contest without all the voting and nonsense.

The problem is that interactivity and video have been used for evil advertising purposes. Check out the link to a Wired story that explores the good side of it.

At Popcorn Hackathon, Coders Team With Filmmakers to Supercharge Web Video | Underwire | Wired.com.