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Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Finalists. UGV vs Agency Creative

Here Are Your 5 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Finalists | Adweek.

It’s the biggest video contest of the year. A million bucks. Thousands of entries. It’s become an annual mess of pros and semi-pros and wannabes and their neighbors with camcorders all pushing out their take on funny relative to going for Doritos.

Here’s the funniest thing about it. In agency land, where the Super Bowl spot is the most coveted assignment–big budgets, high profile, instant marquee value–they kind of smirk at dogs, babies, fat white guys and slapstick as not high concept enough.

But when the actual consumers–and the agency guys who are really behind producing and pulling favors to get these spots done for Doritos-show their work it’s dogs, babies, fat white guys and slapstick.

This isn’t brain surgery. Funny is harder. Funny is harder still when you’re pulling favors, shooting with zero budget and a crew and cast that is most likely not professional. It’s as good as crowd-sourcing gets. Just make sure you have a couple of dogs and a fat guy handy.