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Crowd Source business model for writing, design and web work

Web Writing Jobs = Web Sweatshops

A LinkedIn ‘discussion’ from a charlatan recruiting writers to a ‘service’ matching writers to freelance gigs points out the abuse of the system.

“Some might say they are doing it for the love of writing, but come on, the money that comes with it is a major factor as well. Online writing jobs can be financially rewarding but you have to know what you are worth. Some companies and individuals may take advantage and thus offer lower rates. Normally, a 300-word page of essay would cost around US$6-18 depending on the deadline and the topic. The cost of a 500-word article for web content would range anywhere from US$5- 12.”

The comments were from professionals of all types who were appalled. I’m afraid to report that as I look to set up a large content program for a client I’ve looked at competitive rates. For example, eLance and other sites put rates at under $500 for a ton of words. Even Groupon, the spunky prose hawking deal of the day, pays about $22 per blurb. I guess your average Groupon staff writer makes $35K a year. That’s a lot of blurbs per week. What should they pay? Too bad there isn’t a more reliable bidding structure that ranks the writers the way keywords are ranked, and the employers bid on them. Not the other way around where the writer has to undercut his or her competition in order to have any work. At least at the entry level.

As for my content generation, Content Carnivores, it will definitely favor quality over quantity.

And the sad part is that the web really needs quality content.