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90 Minutes to Awesome Content Creation

Part of the Content Carnivores business model is figuring out how to get the best content up with the appropriate amount of effort. Sometimes that means painstakingly researching, writing and revising until a thought leadership piece is flawless. Other times it’s adding fresh, original ideas to generate some quick content. These writing tips should do the trick to write good stuff fast.

Fresh ideas are logs on the fire. Burn, baby, burn.

This is based on the way that I was taught to write, and it has served me well. The point is to dive in, not over analyze and give the brain a little time to work on it while you’re not actually sitting down and writing. That makes it go faster, and is more intuitive than grinding it out. 90 minutes is all it takes. At the end you’ll have solid paragraphs with interesting, relative details that add up to your true opinions. If you follow these steps you’ll see why I can honestly say there is no such thing as writer’s block.

Step 1 ( 1/2 hour)
Write 12 topic sentences. Quickly generate random thoughts that would start the article or essay. Then put each one on a separate page. Print those 12 pages.

Step 2 (1/2 hour 5 minutes x 6 topics max)
Grab each page and write every related thought, example, personal experience, struggle, triumph, etc. Use names, places, details of the personalities, what was going on in your head and heart. Don’t write in sentences. Write in thoughts. Make it personal. Go fast.
If a page isn’t inspiring you, dump it immediately. Or combine with another page until only 6 strong pages are standing.

Step 3 (1/2 hour)
Circle the details and ideas your gut tells you to circle on each of your 6 pages.
Put the 6 pages in order of importance/impact. Which one ‘feels’ like an opening? a closing? Which ones go ‘next’ and builds? Read it through and shuffle until it reads like a continuous thought.
Type up a draft from the pages in the order you have chosen. Turn the circled ideas on each page into simple sentences.

Revise. Are the sentences in the right order to open, build and close the paragraph? Are there better details that come to mind? Are there more appropriate words to use? Have you chosen action verbs wherever possible? Does it make you ‘feel’ something when you’re done?

Ideally, these three steps will be completed in 3 separate bursts of 30 minutes. It’s amazing how the brain keeps working once it’s set in motion on an article.

ADDENDUM from Copyblogger.com outlining another set of steps to speed up the writing process.