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Groupon Blurbs + Google AdSense prove it: Words are King.

The internet relies on words–duh–but a quick look at the billions made shows just how closely the money is tied to the meaning.

Forwarded by Terry ‘The Dane” Dunne, expert translator and linguist, a recent NYT article, which the Times won’t link, gives insight into how Groupon harnesses words. When you write for a living, it’s good to see a company that spends the time crafting the copy to this extent. I guess they have over 400 writers and editors cranking out the swell descriptions of rafting adventures, facials and museum passes. They have a Groupon style-guide that would put many companies to shame. Best of all, they don’t discriminate agains non-writers in favor of people with a unique POV who can adapt to their vibe.

See how the internet is the true savior of the written word? Google made billions on its AdWords product. Groupon is worth billions on it’s snappy offer descriptions. Words are gold–and the letter ‘G’ seems especially potent if you’re starting an internet company dealing in words.