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LEGO Christmas Crooners Pitch

Here’s a new thing at WFFAF: Pitches of cool ideas. This one is just a glorified slide show set to a Nat King Cole song, ‘L.O.V.E.’. It’s an idea for a Holiday Special starring Bing Crosby, Nat, Peggy Lee and probably a few other Rat Pack heroes. The songs are amazing and include the best-selling single of all time and the most requested song of all time. But really, it’s the story of a kid who’s lost the holiday touch as he gets deeper into tech. When the Crooners do an intervention, they take him buzzing around a world that animates into exotic locales from his LEGO bricks. If you like the pitch, it is at LEGO Entertainment right now. Tell ’em to greenlight it! (And yes, we have a music rights agreement.)

YouTube Preview Image