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Magic Johnson + Online Education Update

I found some cool stuff today in the for-profit education and education in general world.

There’s always been a stigma regarding online education. Not anymore. We all knew it was coming. Now that every school in America is using some kind of online tool in their offline program, we can only see the acceptance of online schools grow.

The addition of successful and famous guys like Magic can’t hurt either. Nor can the other story linked to, a massive user generated content play from McGraw-Hill that let’s the students talk about the schools.

This is critical. Because recent legislation against online schools and recruiting practices dinged them for their pressure sales. Quality and thought-leaders can attract rather than repel.

Magic Johnson Gets in the Education Game | NBC Los Angeles.

Magic Johnson Enterprises will join with EdisonLearning to set up dropout prevention and recovery centers for high school-age students who have already left school or are at risk of leaving and want to earn a standard high school diploma.

Unigo.com Raises $1.6 Million From McGraw-Hill Education | TechCrunch.

Unigo.com hosts more than 200,000 multimedia reviews by students on 6,500 campuses across the country, free of charge. Game mechanics incentivize counselors and students to compete as they contribute more, leading to a 400 percent increase in content over the past year, according to the fledgling company.

(Disclosure: I consult for several education sites and products, as well as having many family members who teach for a living.)