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Group Content Creation Strategy

Having a group content creation strategy makes a lot of sense for businesses and brands that need quick blog posts. Here’s the deal: you have zero time. You set up your social channels. You don’t have any structured way to deliver content. And your intern isn’t quite up to the challenge of creating compelling content.

All good. You have meetings, right? Interview each other in an organized way and you’re good to go.

Situation: Lack of professional writers, but a group with collective knowledge and expertise–and importantly, strong, unique POV’s.

Strategy: Group Interview to record; transcribe; and edit material for multi-channel publication online and collectively to create an eBook.

Execution: Weekly roundtable discussion of one topic from the Content Outline
Week 1: Group brainstorms all possible topics in the area. This is digitally recorded and uploaded to transcript service. Leader ‘shapes’ the raw content into a list of Sections, Topics, etc. for a TOC.

Weeks 2-10. Group members record their comments during their team meeting. Transcripts edited by a different member each week–ideally someone with an affinity or expertise in that area. Final edit flow can be via Google Docs edit, or Word Doc with redlined comments. Group Leader or Designated Editor has final say.

Any department, lunch group, team or executive committee can do this. All you have to do is have an opinion. But to be clear: you’re not necessarily writing ad copy or marketing materials. You’re talking about the issues surrounding your business or category. For good content to be consumed and shared, it has to be useful. So don’t trip all over yourselves trying to be clever or write headlines. Solve a problem. Have discussion and even differing opinions among the group. And capture it all in your own voices.

You’ll be amazed at the stuff that comes out of people’s mouths!

NOTE: The topics brainstorm should not take more than 15 minutes per week. Also, the articles should be rely on heavy quotes from the group members, giving them credit for their POV.