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The grey area of television writing

Veteran Vegas federal public defender ready for retirement

Veteran federal public defender ready for retirement – News – ReviewJournal.com.

One of the highlights of early 2011 was the pitch at Discovery for a show, Public Justice. A reality show set in the PD Office of Las Vegas, it has some early steam. Until the reality of a reality crew being over the attorneys shoulders resulted in us getting the cold reality of ‘maybe not yet.’ In a holding pattern, but this is the type of Defender and story that we were excited to tell. A 3x married, ex-bodybuilder, shelter volunteering attorney with a published short story. All the Vegas and sensationalism aside, this show concept is about the 6th Amendment right to counsel–no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Judge it yourself as right or wrong. Read the comments in the story link to see how many people feel Public Defenders are bottom feeders.

FYI, That’s my contact, Phil Kohn, who runs the PD Office, quoted in the story. Give me a call anytime you want to put this project back on track, Phil.