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Tolkien’s Kid Crank Called Me

Unless I’m in Southern California, I don’t often get a call from Simon and Tracy Tolkien. Always thrilled to hear from the popular crime novelist and his non-fiction best-selling wife. But when I answered the call, it was the voice of their wee daughter. Not sure what she was doing with the cell phone, but she pretended it was a wrong number. It was Saturday night, and I was busy with my own family, so I just let it roll. Next time I talk to mom and dad I’ll mention it. Mostly, it reminded me to write that post about what it took for even the grandson of J.R.R. Tolkien to actually establish a literary career. And as long as I’m making notes, the attack of the Tolkien’s on my attempt to get Tolkien to Tweet. So stay tuned.

And for information on the upcoming Hobbit movie, check this blog out. Or crank call Tolkien if you like.